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We are moving experts

We belives in keeping customers at the heart of Business processes.

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Specialist of Delhi-NCR to Orissa

We are moving experts

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We are committed to offering and encouraging alternatives to the single-occupant vehicle, while supporting sustainability initiatives for the campus, adjacent neighborhoods, and the environment. We provides leadership in developing and implementing comprehensive, economical, flexible, efficient, and sustainable programs to facilitate the movement of people, vehicles, mail, and packages.


We are providing Safe & Timely Delivery of parcel consignments to agent, distributors, retailers & ultimate users. Safety of the consignments is the prime concern of our company.


We are committed to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. We are providing Customized service by a dedicated team


We are trying our best to provide Fast & On time Guaranteed Delivery of Consignments ensuring personalized care during journey from the best of expert driving staff.

Company Profile


2Transportation Services

Manthan Transport & Consultancy Services is the undisputed leader in bulk transportation in India. We are the leading transporter of iron bar, sheets while also having major footprints in transportation of passenger and commercial cars, pipes, containers, project cargo. Efficiency, assured on-time delivery, credibility (We treat ourselves as not only the carrier but also the interim custodian of your goods), responsive and customer-eccentric satisfaction guarantee, have all made facilitating the growth of our esteemed clients, hassle-free and sustainable.



Break Bulk Vessel Chartering

By virtue of our network and relationships with vessel owners, we can find appropriate vessels as per your cargo requirements on a dedicated/sharing basis and charter it for you. Since, as part of this service, when you charter the entire vessel, the time of dispatch from the shores is completely controlled by you. Further, we can offer you complete end to end shipping of your goods from one country to the other, complete with custom clearances and document processing so that you do not have to worry about the delayed shipments and other logistics hassles.


MTCS has been foraying into new verticals of Transportation and Logistics and has been exploring new business areas in a bid to keep its entrepreneurial spirit alive and keep it growing.We take utmost pride in the fact that our employees boast of being loyal to our Company and our legacy of providing sincere and professional services to our clients.

MTCS has changed significantly in recent years with the advent of modern technology, professionally qualified dynamic staff and the ever increasing growth of Indian economy as a whole.

It continues to evolve to keep pace with the changing times as we aim to have a robust value system comprising of positive attitude, rewarding work ambience and strong team spirit.

We endeavor to create enduring value for our clients through world-class operating standards, state-of-the-art technology and proficiency of our quality-focused people. We have attained a cult status for being the premier service provider along the Delhi-NCR to Orissa connecting the two most important Indian metros.

With over 100 truck loads daily in each direction, we currently undertake one of the highest consignment movements in the country.